► Poland Map Prototypes + HD Bias – World of Tanks 2018 Update News

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World of Tanks Polish Map Prototypes Preview – Poland C & Studyanka 2. World of Tanks Ranked Battles. World of Tanks 2018 Update News.
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In this news episode let’s talk about one fairly big problem, that has rolled out with all those new HD maps – Are they making Russian medium even better?
Also, let’s take our first look at 2 Polish map prototypes. We already have one (or actually more) tank from Poland, now map ideas and maybe tech tree as well in the future… Full Polish set on the way!


► Music used from :
– World of Tanks 1.0 – Intro Login 2018
– Andrius Klimka – Redshire (Intro)
– Andrey Kulik feat. Andrius Klimka – Redshire (Battle)
– Andrius Klimka and Andrey Kulik – Prokhorovka (WGFEST 2017 version)

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– Me. 🙂
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– USSR/Soviet Russian T-100 LT, Tier 10 Light Tank
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