20 Coolest Phones, Accessories And Mobile Computers Of 2021: The Mobile 100 – CRN

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The much-awaited arrival of 5G in Apple’s iPhone series—and thus, in the public consciousness—couldn’t have come at a stranger time. While many have anticipated the potential for 5G to enable productive and secure work from anywhere, the majority of workers have done little in the way of traveling since the start of the pandemic. Still, 5G is driving newfound demand for smartphones—and, fingers crossed, users will be able to work from anywhere with 5G before long. Smartphone makers including Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola and OnePlus have all launched innovative new devices—many of them featuring 5G—over the past year as the remote workforce has become the norm. Meanwhile, makers of accessories have also been launching useful new options for phones and tablets, such as wireless chargers and docking stations—while vendors such as Zebra, Honeywell and Bluebird have debuted new rugged mobile computers over the past year.

As part of CRN’s Mobile 100 for 2021, we’ve rounded up 20 cool phones, accessories and mobile computers worth checking out.



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