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Android and Bluetooth – Best Codec – Tesla Motors Club

Can you guys help put me out of my misery? I’ve searched, but have only found old threads that seem to contradict what I’m finding.

I’m trying to stream from Deezer, which is encoded at 320kbit/s.

From what I can gather, Tesla is capable of receiving both SBC and AAC streams.

The consensus seems to be that AAC is better than SBC. For example, see:

However, based on a bluetooth snooping program I downloaded for Android, it says SBC (328kbs) is better than AAC (250kbs):



If you were on Android, would you stream at SBC vs. AAC?

Also, any other settings you’d change under developer options? I’ve tried the “higher quality” settings, but not sure if they are working and they seem to default back to “default”?



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