Arizona Department of Gaming offers tips to keep fantasy league, office pools legal – Arizona Daily Star

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Steelers Cardinals Football

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, a skilled runner and passer, can boost your fantasy team.

Following a virtual draft, virtual minicamps, and a nonexistent preseason, the real-life 2020 NFL season is finally underway.

Fantasy football fans are eager to get started, too. The Arizona Department of Gaming says there’s a way for them to follow while also enjoying the online contest.

Sports betting is still illegal in the state, as are daily fantasy sports, but participating in fantasy sports leagues and football grid pools can be legal, provided the law is followed.

“By following the simple social gambling rules in the state, you can still enjoy these types of friendly wagers legally,” Arizona Department of Gaming director Ted Vogt, ADG Director, said in a news release.

The department is urging league hosts and pool administrators to keep the following guidelines on standby to ensure they’re staying within the law:

  • Arizona Revised Statute 13-3301(7) says that no social gambling will be conducted as a business, which means that the host or hosts “cannot receive financial benefit outside participating in the game.”
  • Arizona laws regarding social gambling says that all pool money must be paid to the winner or winners, and that only people participating in the pool can win.

If a person is unsure if his or her fantasy league is legal, the ADG has provided a few indicators that would suggest it’s not:

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