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Best Leather Cases for iPhone XR – iMore (press release) (blog)

A leather case brings style and class to your iPhone. Leather is warm and classic, in lively contrast with the iPhone’s cool modern glass and metal form. Leather can also lend a sort of gravitas to the whimsical colors in the iPhone XR line. Leather can vary widely in price — and quality — but on this list, you’ll find something for every budget.

Full-Grain Wallet Folio

Pad & Quill Bella Fino Wallet Case

This is a full-grain leather luxury in a wallet folio style case. It doesn’t come cheap, but you’re paying for quality with Pad & Quill. This beauty comes in several different color combinations; you can choose an exterior color and then a complementary interior color. The edges are French hemmed for durability on this handcrafted case.

$80 at Pad & Quill

Lightweight and moderate price tag

Case-Mate Barely There

It’s all in the name — this barely there leather case doesn’t add a lot of bulk, but it still protects your phone with a leather exterior and microfiber interior. It comes in several colors, all with matching metallic button covers. A rectangular camera cutout gives this case a distinctive look. It comes in Black, Blush, and Cardinal.

$40 at Amazon

Rugged and cool

Nomad Rugged Case

Nomad’s Rugged Case is a solid choice. It’s pretty thin, yet protective, with six feet of drop protection. The Horween leather back blends seamlessly into the tough TPU bumper. The Rugged Case is available in two shades: black and brown.

$45 at Nomad

Minimalist folio

Nodus Case III

This folio case doesn’t have an inner plastic or TPU shell like most folio cases do. Rather, the phone attaches to the folio with microsuction. It doesn’t look or sound like it would stick, but it does indeed. Full-grain vegetable-tanned leather envelops your iPhone safely. Choose from four colors: Chestnut Brown, Ebony Black, Dark Teal, and Taupe Gray.

$52 at Nodus

Reasonably priced folio

Snakehive Leather Wallet Case

Opening this box was quite a lovely surprise; the level of elegance at this price point is fantastic. Hand crafted from European nubuck leather, the Snakehive Leather Wallet case has a delicious velvety feel to it. Choose from Black, Brown, Dark Green, or Plum.

$35 at Amazon

Ultra Protective

Mous Limitless 2.0

Mous is an exciting new company funded on Indiegogo with the goal of producing highly protective yet sleek cases. The cases are crafted from a high impact material, AiroShock™, which “contains tiny air pockets and cross linking polymer chains that work like springs.” Mous Limitless 2.0 has just one shade of leather back panel — black — but the cases come in a number of other fun materials such as shell, walnut, and bamboo.

$40 at Mous

Secret compartments

Bellroy Phone Case – 3 Card

This slim case crafted from premium leather, flex polymer, and soft microfiber holds some fun surprises. The outer compartment holds up to three cards, folds open to use as a kickstand for video-watching, and is held closed with magnets when not in use. Inside, you’ll find tiny compartments for a SIM card and SIM tool, which is great for international travelers. It comes in Navy, Black, Caramel, Coral, and Graphite.

$75 at Bellroy

Functional sleeve

Waterfield Fused Suede Case

This sleeve holds your iPhone snugly when not in use. You can purchase one sized to fit the naked iPhone XR or to fit one with a slim case on it. A small cutout in the bottom allows you to charge your phone right in this case and even carry on a conversation through it. The fabric is not actual suede, but rather Ultrasuede® fabric, which has a suede-like feel to it.

$29 at Waterfield

Budget option

Fly Hawk PU Leather Wallet Case

This highly-rated, inexpensive case is made from PU leather. PU leather is also known as bi-cast leather, or split leather, and it consists of a split leather backing and a polyurethane coating. Generally, PU leather cases are going to be cheaper, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worthwhile. This brand is quite popular on Amazon. Choose from Black, Brown, Blue, Khaki, Red, or Gray.

$14 at Amazon

Fabric and PU leather

Lunazoe Card Holder Case

Lunazoe’s Card Holder Case is a blend of a tweed-like fabric and PU leather. The leather portion forms a slim pocket that you can use to carry a card or a bit of cash. Choose from Blue, Black, or Khaki.

$18 at Amazon

Inexpensive Folio Wallet

Rssviss Leather Wallet

This case is described as PU leather but also as faux leather, so I’m not sure if there is any natural leather in this case or not. Regardless, it’s a reasonably priced folio wallet style case that holds your credit cards, can be propped up to watch videos, and has a magnetic closure. It comes in just one color in the XR size: black with a sporty red stripe, as shown here.

$18 at Amazon

Bargain folio wallet

Arokimi Leather Wallet Case

This PU leather wallet folio has two card slots including one with a see-through window, plus a cash slot and a large zippered compartment for change. Flip it around to use as a kickstand for watching videos; snap it closed when not in use. It comes in Black, Gray, Red, Blue, and Rose.

$11 at Amazon

As a general rule, when it comes to leather, you get what you pay for. If you want your case to last you for years and develop that famous patina, you’ll want to invest in one of the pricier options. A case made of PU leather isn’t going to have the same longevity or luxurious feel, but that may not matter for some. For the best mix of style, quality, function, and price, I’d go with the Snakehive Leather Wallet Case. It looks and feels fantastic, and it sits at a medium price point.

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