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Cambium Networks reaches new heights with nine new networking products – iTWire

UK-based Cambium Networks has showcased new solutions to massively improve the performance of wireless networks at its “Reach New Heights” event at Twickenham Stadium.

The company tells us its new products showcase the ongoing work in R&D as it looks to make “significant strides towards improving the performance and quality of wireless networking in the UK, where it is relied upon to deliver high-quality reliable connectivity to millions of users, including those in underserved or hard-to-connect areas.”

Although Cambium Networks wants mentions the UK several times in its media release, as if massive wireless improvements wouldn’t be of interest to anyone not living in the United Kingdom, there is mentioned, as you’ll see below, of Cambium products being used “across the whole of Europe,” although I’d have imagined wanting to appeal to a global audience seeing as the company’s boilerplate description states it is a “leading global provider.”

That oddity aside sees Dan McCarthy, Sales Manager for the UK, Ireland and Nordics at Cambium Networks, who said: “As the industry advances and people, places and things become increasingly connected, the need for reliable, effective wireless connectivity is greater than ever.

“These latest improvements to the Cambium Networks portfolio demonstrate how we are investing in developing solutions that match the needs of the UK market not just for now, but for the foreseeable future.”

The nine new products – which were demonstrated in the UK for the first time at the event – included the cnPilot Wi-Fi platform for dramatically increased capacity and performance, its cnMaestro network management software and improvements to the ePMP product range such as its unique Elevate solution.

Also featured were the PTP 670, PTP 820 and PMP 450 – the latest upgrades to its point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions that are designed to meet ever-changing market demands – and cnReach, a networking solution for Industrial Internet of Things deployments.

Alongside the product reveals and demonstrations, we’re told the event “also saw presentations from senior Cambium Networks figures, including ePMP/cnPilot Distribution Manager Jeremy Vincent, Senior Director of Product Management Chetan Hebbalae and Regional Technical Manager Simon Staddon.” 

Case studies of how Cambium Networks’ equipment has been used in major projects across the whole of Europe were also highlighted.

More information is here, while its collection of recent media releases is vastly more international.

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