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The dumbest armour in PC gaming history – PC Gamer

Historically, the main purpose of armor was to protect your guts from incoming weapons or look shiny and impressive for ceremonial purposes. In games, it’s often tough to tell what the blacksmith was thinking. Whether it’s over-engineered spiky nonsense or skimpy BDSM gear, its most common job seems to be …

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Gaming Addiction – Daily Star

Daily Star Gaming AddictionDaily StarWe’re all so addicted to gaming that millions of us play on our Xboxes and PlayStations for at least 20 hours a week and spend yet more time scrutinising gameplay on live streams. Britain’s obsession with video gaming has been laid bare in a new report …

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Pacers Gaming Has Got Next – Indianapolis Monthly

It’s a changing of the guards, forwards, centers, coaches, Kiss Cams, corporate suites, home-court advantages, technical fouls, and practically every aspect of traditional basketball Hoosiers know and love. March 2018Megan Fernandez Pacers Gaming, led by veteran WNBA executive Kelly Krauskopf, is assembling one of the most unusual professional basketball teams …

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