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Anthem review in progress – PC Gamer

In the pantheon of excellent videogame sound effects, the metallic ka-ching! that indicates my team pulled off a combo in Anthem ranks just below that iconic M1 Garand ping. It’s a punchy crescendo and a reward for smart teamwork, afflicting enemies with an elemental status effect from one ability so …

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Teclast F7 Plus laptop review – TechRadar

Say hello to the F7 Plus from Teclast, the follow up to the F7 which we reviewed back in June 2018. The F7 Plus comes with some notable improvements, but faces some stiff competition in the form of the Teclast F5, the Chuwi LapBook SE, the Jumper EZBook X1 and …

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Best laptops on Amazon – Komando

When’s the last time you upgraded your laptop? If it’s been years, you should probably think about replacing the one you have. Laptop and desktop computer technology is constantly improving, some might say at an alarming rate. Newer machines are faster, more powerful and have more storage capacity, to name …

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