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City council says no to more gaming machines in town – IllinoisHomePage.net

SHELBYVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — You won’t be able to fill up on entertainment at one gas station in Central Illinois.

City leaders voted no to letting the C & C One Stop” on the east side of Shelbyville bring in gaming machines. They say it’s a slippery slope.

The mayor told me they have about 40 machines in town already. The city council says although they bring in some extra revenue, they don’t want to over-saturate the market by allowing even more.

Many don’t see a problem with it.

“Well I’m all for gaming, I think it’s a lot of fun.”

Over at Wilma’s..

“I see a lot of family fun.”

Mothers, brothers, fathers — all hoping this is their lucky day.

“It’s not just gaming, it’s family time.”

Angie Oldham says she’s seen it all.

“We get a lot of couples in here at Wilma’s that like to come in and play.”

And down the road, the owners of the C & C One Stop are trying to attract some of those people wanting to dip their toes in some games. 

They sent a letter to the Shelbyville city council a few weeks ago. It says although the games aren’t a cash cow, they still feel it’s important to help meet their expenses over the winter. They believe selling gas, just isn’t cutting it.

Back at Wilma’s, Oldham says she sees where they’re coming from.

“I don’t know if it would keep them afloat but it would help towards running them in the winter when things are slow.”

Mayor Jeff Johnson says he understands, but there are already too many in town.

“We have probably about 40 gaming machines in the city right now.”

He says any more, would be too much — but that could change in the future.

“Shelbyville is a growing community, and we have people talking about new subdivisions.”

He says it’s possible they could approve bringing in more games if the city expands enough.

“We’ll look at each opportunity.”

And Oldham says it doesn’t have to happen soon…

“I don’t really hear a lot of frustrations because there are so many.”

But it wouldn’t hurt if it does.

“A lot of people like to go to gas stations or an establishment like this because there’s not a lot of drinking, it’s not a bar environment.”

The mayor told us not only do the businesses get a cut of that extra cash… but so does the city.

He says they pull in about $40,000-50,000 from the gaming machines.

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