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Datorbox is a luxury wood-cased gaming PC – Boing Boing

Yours for €2099, Love Hultén’s limited-edition Datorbox comes in green or orange and looks like something from another age. Well-specced and tiny, you’ll have the challenge of finding pretty peripherals to go with it.

Datorbox is an extremely compact gaming desktop system, enclosed by an elegant handcrafted wooden case. Despite it’s small form factor- measuring only 31x24x7cm, this small minimalistic beast delivers monster performance. To fulfill the needs of gamers further, the Datorbox is fully VR-ready and supports 4K video. The wooden casing is designed for optimized airflow and Datorbox runs very quiet, even on full load.

The top of this eye-catching artifact displays a saturn fan grille, and the front panel is adorned by a composition of six big bulb-caps completing an ambient Larson scanner effect when in use.

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