Days Gone PC Looks a Little Better Than PS5 Version In Video Comparison – Screen Rant

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Days Gone’s PC version looks pretty fantastic, but a new video shows how remarkably close the PS5 version is when compared side by side.

Zombie game Days Gone has been making a lot of headlines lately, for better or for worse, but a new video should give fans something to be excited about. YouTube channel ElAnalistaDeBits did a comparison video between the trailer for the new PC port of Days Gone and the game’s PlayStation 5 upgrade, running in backward compatible mode.

Days Gone fans have been hit with plenty of bad news lately, including a recent report which revealed that Days Gone 2 was rejected by Sony back in 2019. The game made a splash for its fun gameplay and for its non-linear open world. Fans have been trying to rally behind developer Bend Studio to show support and hopefully get Sony to change its mind. The new PC port may be one way fans can show Sony that they’re still hungry for more from this IP.

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YouTuber ElAnalistaDeBits compared the PC footage to PS5 gameplay and they’re not that far apart. The PC version of Days Gone looks marginally better, with notable lighting and texture upgrades, particularly on character models. It’s not clear if the Days Gone footage is running on the absolute highest possible settings, but one has to imagine that it is if Sony is using it for promotional material. Nonetheless, it’s impressive to see how close the two versions are, even when running on considerably different tech.

Days Gone will likely see plenty of success on PC, since it’s by many accounts a solid game which has had the benefit of considerable time since its initial release. This should allow Bend Studio to fix the plentiful bugs which affected the game at launch. Whether or not that’s enough for Sony to revisit Bend’s original pitch for Days Gone 2, which included a hypothetical co-op mode, remains to be seen.

Sony backtracked on one of its other controversial choices earlier today and confirmed that it would no longer be shutting down the PlayStation Store on PS3 and PlayStation Vita. Of course, there’s probably more PlayStation 3 units in the world and data linked to that store than there are Days Gone fans, but it shows that Sony isn’t incapable of changing its mind. Either way, it’s great to see Days Gone coming to PC as part of an initiative to bring many of PS4’s best titles to a new audience, and maybe this will result in a sequel after all.

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Source: ElAnalistaDeBits

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