Futuristic thriller Transient will be released on PC on October 28 – Phone Mantra

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Iceberg Interactive and Stormling have announced that the Lovecraft-inspired cyberpunk thriller Transient will be released on PC on October 28th. The previously announced versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will go on sale later in 2021.


Transient takes place in a distant post-apocalyptic future. What’s left of humanity lives in the closed citadel of the domed city of Providence. It was created to survive in a harsh environment. The protagonist of the game is a member of the famous ODIN hacker group, Randolph Carter. One day, he accidentally stumbles upon a terrifying truth about the world that casts doubt on his sanity and his very existence.

Created by the creators of Conarium and Darkness Within, the new game combines dark cyberpunk surroundings with Lovecraft’s cosmic existentialism. According to the developers, Transient adapts and expands both directions to make the project feel familiar, but with a sense of novelty.

You have to visit both the streets of Providence and the wasteland of Kor Shehra to understand reality, dreams, and virtual worlds, as well as meet a variety of friends, enemies, and mysterious creatures in them.

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