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Gadget Girls inspire girl power in robotics competition – WITN

GREENVILLE, N.C. (WITN) – A group of Girl Scouts are inspiring girl power in the STEM field by competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition this weekend.

Amidst the circuit boards a group of students wearing pink hard hats put their creations to the test during a statewide robotics competition at Minges Coliseum.

“They’re playing a 3D video game, think Mario Brothers with robots,” FIRST North Carolina President Marie Hopper said. “Teams have built robots that are picking up cubes to put on scales and switches to earn points.”

The group of young engineers wearing the pink hard hats are known as the Gadget Girls. This team worked for months and raised thousands of dollars to build their bot.

“The girls on our troop, they sell cookies and then we do try to do business and marketing to reach out to companies,” Gadget Girls Coach Michaela Settle said. “Plus all the girls love cookies and and it’s something that people are like ‘oh my gosh they’re definitely Girl Scouts.'”

These Gadget Girls say they have more on the line than just building the best robot.

“We can show what we do to younger kids, if they have a passion for it,” Girl Scout Bella Ramoin said.

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, 77 percent of girls say because of girl scouts, they are considering a career in technology.

The Coastal Pines Girl Scouts says Girl Scouting has offered STEM-related badges and training since the beginning. Now these Gadget Girls will be a part of a new era as the Girl Scouts begin to roll out robotics badges.

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