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Gaming Commission: Keep outlaws out of Deadwood – Kotatv

DEADWOOD, S.D. (KOTA TV) Some things just go together. Like peanut butter and jelly. Lennon and McCartney. Bikers and Deadwood. Except when those bikers are outlaws. And that is a distinction the gaming overseers want casino operators to remember.

“The South Dakota Commission on Gaming is having a meeting next Friday and one of the agenda topics is to talk about unsavory characters in Deadwood,” said Mike Rodman, the executive director of the S.D. Gaming Commission.

The commission’s rules spell it out plainly. Persons of “notorious or unsavory reputation” are not welcome in gaming establishments. And here in Sturgis Rally territory some of those unsavory characters belong to “biker groups that have been deemed by federal authorities as being criminal enterprises,” said Rodman.

And so the commission wants to make sure “that the industry understands that they, by Gaming Commission rule, cannot come to Deadwood and participate in gaming activities,” Rodman said.

To be sure, he said, outlaws are a tiny percent of the biker crowd.

“The Sturgis Rally has been very a huge part of Deadwood and we want to make sure we continue to work with those biker groups,” he said. “But make sure that we keep unsavory characters from participating in Deadwood.”

Rodman said there was no specific threat on the horizon but thought it was a good idea for casino operators to remind their staff of some important rules.

“Deadwood has a long tradition of being a family friendly market and so we want to make sure that families feel safe and welcome when they come to Deadwood,” he said.

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