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Here's How to Protect Your PC's Processor – RollingStone.com

A flaw in nearly every Intel PC processor produced in the past 20 years is allowing access to a computer’s memory by attackers. The flaw, as one researcher told the website ZDnet, might allow attackers “to steal any data on the system.”

With news of the flaw spreading quickly this week, several updates and fixes have been issued to rectify the issue. We’ve collected a few of them here (via The Verge): 

First up, Mozilla, Microsoft and Google are all planning to updates in an effort to protect users. Both Mozilla and Microsoft have issued their updates, while Google plans to include its in the next Chrome update on January 23rd. According to The Verge, “Apple has not commented on how it plans to fix its Safari browser or even macOS. Chrome, Edge, and Firefox users on Windows won’t really need to do much apart from accept the automatic updates to ensure they’re protected at the basic browser level.”

According to the outlet, the best thing Windows PC owners can do right now is download the “latest Windows 10 updates and BIOS updates from Dell, HP, Lenovo, or one of the many other PC makers.” The outlet provided a quick how-to for those needing to update their computers:

  • Update to the latest version of Chrome (on January 23rd) or Firefox 57 if you use either browser
  • Check Windows Update and ensure KB4056892 is installed for Windows 10
  • Check your PC OEM website for support information and firmware updates and apply any immediately

This PC issue is still a developing problem, so not a ton is known about how far it may spread in the future. To stay prepared, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your OS’ blog to see if and when updates are issued. 

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