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HomePod teardown reveals Apple's least-repair-friendly gadget yet – Mashable

Apple’s HomePod is now available for purchase and naturally, it’s been promptly dissected in an iFixit teardown. 

It’s one of the most notable teardowns in recent years, as the smart speaker is not only a new Apple gadget, it’s a whole new product category for the Cupertino giant. 

And the results are definitely interesting. First of all, forget about repairing this thing on your own; the experienced iFixit team had to use a hacksaw to get in, and they gave it an overall repairability score of 1. 

Yes, Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pros have gotten the same score before, but we don’t remember any gadget that required a heater, a knife, a hacksaw, and an ultrasonic cutter to pry open. 



The good side of this is that the HomePod is extremely durable and probably won’t break into pieces when your cat inevitably drags it down from your cupboard to the floor. 

Once inside, iFixit took a good look at the HomePod’s seven tweeters, six microphones and the centrally positioned subwoofer, which doesn’t have a very large diameter but still manages to move a lot of air thanks to a big magnet and a solid amount of travel of the voice coil inside the speaker (this is why Apple calls it a high-excursion woofer). 

Check out the full teardown here.  

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