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Inspect-a-Gadget: 200 RMB Camera Drone – That's Online (registration)

Inspect-a-Gadget is a monthly segment where we feature a tech toy our editors have been playing with.

We quickly realized something was wrong. Perched on the edge of a building, we watched as Yadajia’s D61 drone drifted out of reach in the wind, six stories up.

Onboard camera rolling, the 26-second video ends when the drone apparently crosses the 70-meter Wi-fi range and out of our possession forever. Total money lost? RMB198. 

Watch the drone’s final video below (VPN off):

Packing ‘good-enough’ features that were the realm of prosumers just a few years ago, the quadcopter is about the size of a large pizza and costs less than a nice meal. In the box, you get everything you need to fly it, including an Xbox-inspired controller, which has a smartphone grip. Though a phone is not required, it makes the drone infinitely cooler by giving a live view from the camera and allowing you to record video, that although is advertised as being 720p, looks a bit lower.


Build quality is what you would expect at the price point – flimsy plastic and screw holes a smidgen too small – but on the whole the drone works, though it can be a bit unwieldy, as we found out the hard way.

While the drone industry in the West has seen layoffs and ‘pivots’ away from manufacturing, the D61 is a drone that only China could provide. Though DJI remains the obvious choice for hardcore hobbyists and videographers, this drone is an excellent first step for those who want to fly seven minutes at a time.

For who: the drone curious
How much: RMB198
Sold where: Taobao

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