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Intcomex Jamaica  recently donated 13 laptops to the Creative Language Based Learning (CLBL) Foundation to help teachers who do not have computers access the foundation’s online summer training program commencing in July.

Founder of the CLBL Foundation, Mandy Melville said, “in our current process of preparing for summer school, we sent out a survey to the 183 teachers in our database. Of that 183 teachers, 116 responded to the survey and 13 highlighted that they do not have access to a laptop or desktop computer.”

Mandy continued, “getting this help could not have been possible without the assistance of one of our donors, CHASE Fund.”

In the summer programme teachers will be equipped with the necessary skills to provide effective learning solutions for children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

Teachers such as Natalie Bennett, a grade five teacher at the New Providence Primary School expressed her gratitude to the foundation for the assistance they have provided over the years.

“I can’t tell you how much the programme has kicked me into areas that I never thought I would have entered. My children are doing so much better in the way they think and access content by using imaging and sound. I am so grateful for the kits and now this laptop that will help me to even go on Zoom to get more training and help the children access even more content,” Bennett expressed.

From left: Natalie Bennett – Grade 5 Teacher at New Providence Primary School excitedly examines one of the thirteen laptops donated by Intcomex as Holly Aaron – Educational Consultation, CLBL Foundation & Mary MacDonald – Lead Educational Consultation, CLBL Foundation look on at the recent handover ceremony at Intcomex Jamaica.

Having completed a total of 211 development hours with the foundation since 2017, her lack of technology resources would have seen her missing out on the upcoming workshops; had it not been for Intcomex’s intervention.

Assisting causes such as this is important to Intcomex. Marketing Manager, Sheryl Simpson said, “Mainstream learning has always been highlighted and supported.  It is important to show support to the 15 to per cent of the population that has learning disabilities and allow the same level of exposure and opportunities.  The use of technology in special education provides access to the most relevant and modern educational programs.  Intcomex Jamaica is celebrating 20 years and this is the perfect opportunity to bring some awareness to this issue and also provide the base tools that will propel learning and enhance results.”

She went on to express how important it is for Intcomex to provide solutions that foster growth in education.

“Providing access to technology whether hardware or software is the basis of Intcomex’s business model.  One of the most important aspects of technology in education is its ability to level the field of opportunity for students.  Technology is a powerful tool for transforming learning not only for students but also for educators who continuously seek new knowledge and constantly acquire new skills alongside their students.”

Since 2017, CLBL Foundation has been steadily changing the outcomes of students in tens of classrooms across the island by employing the strategies of the Lindamood-Bell program, instruction for reading and comprehension.

During that short time the initiative can report early positive stats accordingly: 70 schools, 11 parishes, trained 146 teachers and 130 teachers actively working in the program. To learn more about CLBL Foundation, visit

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