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iPad Pro 2 Specs, Release Date Rumors: Device Could Replace MacBook Air? – Christian Post

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With Apple discontinuing iPad models left and right, it would not be a surprise if the company takes its ongoing product consolidation up a notch. With iPad Air getting scratched off the list after a period of no updates, could the MacBook Air be next on the chopping block as well? Speculations swirl on whether the iPad Pro 2 could be the replacement for the ailing MacBook Air device line.

(Photo: Reuters/Beck Diefenbach)Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple Inc., speaks about the new iPad Pro during an Apple media event in San Francisco, California, September 9, 2015.

Last year, it’s been widely accepted, even by mainstream news media which are more careful to make sweeping pronouncements, that Apple is killing off the MacBook Air. The impression from last year’s presentation by Phil Chiller, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, is that the company is patiently herding MacBook Air customers back into the MacBook Pro line of devices.

The overall picture for the line of Apple laptops does not look good, according to New York Magazine. While the company was busy trying to win over MacBook Air buyers back to its MacBook Pro offerings, the launch of the MacBook Pro was fraught with its own problems. The laptops currently being offered by Apple is currently seen as too overpriced, especially in the higher price ranges.

Above Avalon has noted how the company has been pushing the iPad 2017 very aggressively in terms of price and features. While sales for the smaller iPad have been declining, the larger iPads have actually seen a modest increase in sales, and Apple looks to have recognized the opportunity to pump up iPad adoption, made even more apparent by its recent video campaign.

Apple may be looking to position a new iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, similar to the Surface book, Lenovo Yoga and XPS 13 with their flexible form factors and touch screen. The touch screen and form factor features were something that the MacBook Air was missing, and an upcoming iPad Pro 2 can provide.

Sources claim many possible release dates for the iPad Pro 2, but the soonest credible claim is that the new device won’t be released until May or June. In terms of features, the more interesting features that might make it to the new iPad Pro 2 include a new Apple Pencil, Touch Bar and reduced bezels. The new device could make use of the new A10X Fusion chip previously used in the iPhone 7.



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