Whether you like writing with tablets, or you want fast performance, there are dozens of new laptop models to choose from before going back to school.

Here are “KENS 5 Things to Know” when shopping for a laptop
1. Experts say you should consider battery life before you buy.
“You’re looking at about 12 hours battery life with a full charge, which is really great for students that are constantly on the go,” Amanda Gamez from Best Buy said of a MacBook Air laptop.
2. Look for deals. Students can sign up for discounts online, and $100 discounts are already available for some laptops.
When it comes to pricing, you can spend anywhere from a couple hundred to more than a thousand dollars. 
But remember, it’s an investment.
“No laptop is going to be bought every other year. Buying up front is going to increase longevity, as well as the performance of the computer,” Gamez said.
3. Take advantage of the tax-free weekend when you can. While electronics aren’t tax-free, supplies like backpacks are.
“It’s not just the laptop, you need protection for it like bags or sleeves,” Gamez said.
4. Instead of using a tablet and laptop, consider a two-in-one.
“Many of our windows laptops have a two-in-one feature, so you can completely fold it back. This makes it great for students who would like to take notes directly on an electronic device,” Gamez said.
5. And finally, choose a computer that has enough space.
Computers with at least 8GB of memory and at least a 256 solid state hard drive built in are recommended for high school and college students.

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