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Rose Kwamboka

The smart fridge has built-in Wi-Fi and an integrated 8-inch LCD touchscreen (Photo: Shutterstock)

In 2014, Samsung debuted a four-door model smart fridge with built-in Wi-Fi and an integrated 8-inch LCD touchscreen. The fridge allowed Galaxy S5 and Note 3 users to mirror their devices straight onto the LCD screen, and even make calls from the fridge. Besides the ‘Twin Cooling Plus’ system and a ‘FlexZone’ drawer with variable temperature control settings, owners of connected TVs capable of transmitting to external devices were able to share their antenna’s signal with the smart fridge, and play the broadcast from the kitchen. More recent models come with a touch screen panel with a family hub, to-do/shopping list. You can also mirror your TV or smartphone on this screen. Some smart fridges let you use your smartphone to see what’s inside. Manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, Kenwood and GE (under its Café brand) have smart refrigerators. Enquire for price and variety with major stockists.


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