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Malwarebytes is Now Enforcing Lifetime Licenses to One PC – BleepingComputer


With the release of Malwarebytes 3.8, a new license system is being used that enforces the 1 PC per Lifetime license restriction. This has caused a wave of complaints by users who are now finding that their license is not working on multiple machines.

When Malwarebytes was first released, you could use it for free without real-time protection or pay $24.95 for a lifetime premium license.

In 2014, Malwarebytes decided to switch to a yearly subscription model and offered their users the ability to purchase additional Lifetime licenses for $24.95 for a limited amount of time. This license was intended for only one PC, but Malwarebytes did not enforce this restriction when users installed it on other machines.

With a new license system in place for the recently released Malwarebytes 3.8, when users are upgrading to the new version, they are discovering that their license key is only working for one of their computers.On their other PCs, they are receiving an alert that states “The usage level has exceeded the max volume allowed. There is a problem with your license key and we are unable to activate your license” as shown below.

Usage Level Alert
Usage Level Alert

This is obviously upsetting to many users [1, 2, 3] who have been utilizing the license on multiple computers for many years thinking that it was ok to do so. Malwarebytes on the other hand is stating that these were always single PC licenses and that they were just not enforcing the restriction.

For those affected, Malwarebytes is suggesting that users confirm their license details or open a support ticket for help.

If it turns out that a user is using a single PC license on multiple computer, they can create an account profile and login to it. Once logged in they can deactivate the license on PCs that they are no longer using Malwarebytes or do not wish to be protected, so that the license can be used on a more important computer.

At this time, if you are affected by this issue, Malwarebytes is stating that you need to purchase an additional license. It is not known if this stance will change due to the complaints of the affected users.

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