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Man charged with stealing laptop from a car – Laredo Morning Times


A man allegedly broke into a vehicle to steal a MacBook Air.

Norberto Silva, 25, was charged with with burglary of a vehicle and theft of property on Thursday.

On April 23, police officers were dispatched to a suspicious male report in the 1400 block of Baltimore Street. Responding officers said they found Silva inside a silver Honda Accord.

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He was allegedly found in possession of a controlled substance and arrested for that. An officer then located a MacBook Air in the trunk of the Accord. An investigation revealed that it did not belong to Silva. Officers said they located the owner in the 1400 block of East Elm Street. There, a woman used the correct password to unlock the MacBook Air. A burglary of a vehicle was report was filed because her vehicle had her back glass broken and the MacBook Air was taken.

Authorities said they found enough probable cause to secure arrest warrants for Silva.

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