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Samsung Reveals More Details of Payment Account App

It’s been another rich and varied week in Mobile ID World news, with payments, biometrics, and connectivity being the hot topics in the latest roundup of our most popular stories.

On the FinTech side of things, Mobile ID World visitors were understandably interested in learning more about Samsung’s new debit account platform, about which the company offered new details:

Samsung Reveals More Details of Payment Account App

There was also considerable interest in a new memo from Zwipe CEO André Løvestam in which he asserted that small-scale commercial launches planned for this year will pave the way for mass commercialization of biometric payment cards:

COVID-19 Driving Up Interest in Biometric Payment Cards: Zwipe

Sticking with the topic of biometric payments, this week also brought the news that Google Chrome might soon support biometric authentication for online payments, not just on Android but also other mobile operating systems:

Biometric Payment Authentication May be Around the Corner on Chrome

As for connectivity news, Ericsson and Verizon got some attention this week with the revelation that they had successfully trialed technology enabling “pop-up” 5G towers:

Verizon and Ericsson Complete Test of Pop-Up 5G Towers

And Mobile ID World visitors were also keen to read more about a new R&D partnership between NEC and NTT Corporation. It’s a fairly broad collaboration in scope that will see the companies work on a compact Digital Signal Processing circuity and optical transmission equipment, among other efforts.

NEC Forms R&D Partnership with NTT


Stay posted to Mobile ID World next week as we continue to bring you the latest news and interviews from the exciting world of digital identity. To see the hottest stories of the week in biometrics, visit our sibling site FindBiometrics.

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