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PC Gaming Weekly: Well met, folks! – VentureBeat

Well met, and welcome to GamesBeat’s first PC Gaming Weekly newsletter. Thank you for joining us on our expanded dive into the industry’s’ first and most diverse platform.

And we’re going to start this adventure by talking about one of the giants of PC gaming, who recently announced his retirement plans just days following the release of one of the best games of his 36-year career.

Brian Fargo said that he’s preparing for the next chapter of his life after his studio, Inxile Entertainment, ships the postapocalyptic role-playing game Wasteland 3 in 2019. He didn’t say what he’s doing next, but he’s a stakeholder in Fig, the crowdfunding company that gives backers equity in the game. He’s passionate about crowdfunding, choosing it to back Inxile’s projects since 2014’s Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera, which came out last month and, in my opinion, is one of the best RPGs of the past 20 years … and maybe the best game he’s helped make.

I should know. I’ve been playing Brian’s games for as long as he’s been making them.

When old farts like me think about the RPGs of the 1980s, we talk about Ultima, Wizardry, or even Might and Magic. These are the building-blocks for games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Age. But when I think about the games of my youth, it’s one of Fargo’s classics that warms my heart: The Bard’s Tale. This series was much like Wizardry and Might and Magic, but Fargo’s innovations came from the magic music of the Bard class, a city full of dungeons and traps, and some silly humor (like battles with four groups of 99 Berserkers). His Interplay studio went on to make three Bard’s Tales games, and I admit I spent more homework time than I should have exploring these worlds.

The Bard’s Tale helped foster my lifelong love of role-playing games, helping me make friends and tell stories. Thank you for the magic, Brian.

–Jason Wilson, GamesBeat managing editor


P.S.: GamesBeat’s dastardly duo Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti see if they can play nicely together in Overwatch’s Uprising event.

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