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Modified 30 May 2020, 20:51 IST

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PUBG Mobile is one of the finest battle royale games out there right now. The realistic feel of the game provides an amazing gameplay experience to the player as it uses real-life physics regarding the trajectory of bullets and the velocity at which they drop.

The last zone in PUBG Mobile is the toughest since the safe zones have shrunk by this stage and the chances of encounters are extremely high. Let’s take a look at a few tips that can enhance your survival rate at the crucial stage.

#1 Scan the final circle in PUBG Mobile

Before entering the final circle of PUBG Mobile, it would be better to inspect the areas around you. Preferably, use a scope if you have one and check for the hidden enemies – behind the rocks, bushes, trees and etc. This will ensure you that who all are your hidden enemies and take necessary action. Also do not forget to scan for the snakes and campers because they are hidden very cautiously.

#2 Throwable

Throwables such as Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Stun Grenade, and Molotov Cocktails are sometimes much effective then shooting in PUBG Mobile. Smoke and Frag grenades are especially important and you must make sure you have at least three of them.

Smoke grenades can give you some extra time to revive a team member, to help someone out or to locate something.

Molotov Cocktails create an area of fire on the ground and the players hit by or passing through this area will be set ablaze with a constant damage over time.

#3 Avoid Loot

Inside the final circle it’s all about survival, hence looting unnecessarily makes no sense. Don’t waste time looking out for another scope or scavenging from some dead enemy. This may alert your enemies who are already hidden inside the final circle.

#4 Avoid Running

Running is tactical initially during the first phase of the game. You’ll have to loot and scope out the locations. In the last circle if you can’t avoid, run in a zig-zag manner so as to confuse the enemy and, it is much better to hide like a snake inside the dense grasses.

#5 Healings

In PUBG Mobile , healings are also known as consumables which includes Med-kits, First-aid kits, Adrenalin syringes, Energy drinks, Painkillers, and Bandages. Ensure that your health is 100% before entering the last circle. Use boosters to keep your energy bar full with the help of Energy drinks, Painkillers and Adrenalin syringes.

#6 Shooting

Unnecessary shooting can draw the attention towards you. If you are not sure about a kill then don’t shoot. The enemies will know your location.

#7 Spread

There are many reasons as to why one should do this. One is to reduce the damage done by grenades. If your team is at one particular spot, one grenade (Frag / Molotov) will be sufficient to wipe out a complete squad. The second reason is that, in case you are knocked out, one of your teammates can revive you and others can disengage the enemies or give cover fire.

#8 Avoid shiny skins

In the final zone of PUBG Mobile, it is obvious that no one wants to get noticed by their enemy. Shiny skins present on weapons, clothes and armors can draw enemy attention towards you. It is much better to use the skins and clothes coating according to the Map.

Preferable skins and coating colors according to the Maps:

  1. Erangel:- Use Green or Yellow colored skins.
  2. Sanhok:- Use Green colored skins.
  3. Miramar:- Use Yellow or Brown colored skins.
  4. Vikendi:- Use White colored skins.

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