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RESULTS: Clutch Gaming Find a Clutch Win over Echo Fox – Twin Galaxies (satire) (press release) (blog)

With the matches in the NA LCS meaning more and more, Clutch Gaming’s victory over Echo Fox is yet another step towards better seeding in playoffs.

Clutch Gaming came into this match looking for better positioning heading into playoffs, while Echo Fox was trying to prevent anyone from challenging their rule from the top of the ladder. Here’s a brief breakdown of the match.

First blood went to a surprise gank in the mid lane, as Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett wrapped around and caught out Clutch Gaming mid laner Fabisn “Febiven” Diepstraten. A follow-up invade went awry however, with Colin “Solo” Earnest and Nam “LirA” Rae-yoo managing to take down Dardoch in their jungler, levelling out the game. Clutch Gaming made an attempt at ganking the bot lane, however the Echo Fox duo managed to survive, only expending summoners to survive. Better rotations allowed Echo Fox to push in the top lane and take down the turret, while Clutch attempted to respond in the bot lane to no avail. With the Rift Herald secured for Echo Fox, they attempted to use it to take down the mid lane turret, however Clutch Gaming was able to respond in force, keeping it alive for the time being. Echo Fox was forced to with draw, settling for taking the Dragon instead.

A massive team fight in the bot lane showcased excellent mechanics from both teams, as all 5 members from both teams collapse into a brawl that results in an astonishing zero casualties, despite everything. Echo Fox managed to recover quicker than Clutch Gaming, however, and brute forced the mid turret down to open up the map. Clutch are able to eventually respond in the bot lane, but both teams are unable to find any kills in the resulting fight. A large team fight in the mid lane results in the death of Clutch’s support, but with Baron on the map neither team is willing to over commit, and both teams pull back to secure vision.

Echo Fox made the first move towards Baron, but Clutch are able to quickly contest and in the resulting team fight, Echo Fox are forced to withdraw after the death of top laner Huni. Once Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon respawned, Echo Fox made the call to go for the Dragon, however Clutch Gaming make excellent use of the mobility supplied by mid laner Febiven to move into the Baron pit and rush it down, securing the buff for the cost of their supports life. Another team fight in the mid lane is won by Echo Fox, as they quickly take down top laner Solo, however both teams are forced to withdraw afterwards.

Another large team fight in the bot lane again results in zero casualties, but both teams are left bloody from the encounter. With Baron again on the map, both teams look for an engage, but it is Clutch Gaming that find the kills they’re looking for, taking down Echo Fox’s mid laner and support before securing the Baron buff. With Echo Fox forced to withdraw, Clutch are also able to secure the Elder Dragon, and begin their siege. Engaging on the bot lane, Clutch Gaming are able to again secure two quick kills, pushing into the base and taking down the inhibitor, before taking down the rest of Echo Fox and claiming the victory.

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