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Seat DriveApp now works fully with Android Auto – Pocket-lint.com

Seat has released a new version of its DriveApp Android application that now fully integrates with Android Auto. The Spanish car manufacturer claims to be the first to support the Android-based in-car system with a dedicated application.

Seat DriveApp has been available for iOS for a while, with full CarPlay integration. It could also be linked to an in-car touchscreen via an Android phone through MirrorLink, but the Android Auto version is new and works fully with Google’s own car software.

The app gets its own icon on Android Auto and when linked to a phone provides statistics on the Seat vehicle to view on the in-car screen or smartphone. Data, including tyre pressure, fuel consumption and much more can be seen when sat in the car or remotely.

SeatSeat DriveApp image 2

Seat has also promised that new features will be coming to DriveApp in the coming week.

Its cars also offer FullLink technology to hook up iPhones or Android devices in order to play music wirelessly and perform all manner of other functions, such as make calls and use social media. Many of Seats cars also have gesture control on the touchscreen so that a driver need never take their eyes off the road.

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