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TaskRabbit's app is offline while it investigates a “cybersecurity incident” – TechCrunch

TaskRabbit, the on-demand errand service acquired by IKEA last year, announced today that has taken its website and app offline while investigating a “cybersecurity incident.” The company also said that people who use the same password on TaskRabbit as for other services should change them immediately as a precaution.

“We understand how important your personal information is and are working with an outside cybersecurity firm and law enforcement to determine the specifics,” the company said in an announcement posted to their social media profiles.


IKEA bought TaskRabbit for an undisclosed amount last September, but the service continues to operate independently, letting people request “taskers” for help ranging from packing for a move to assembling flat-pack furniture.

In response to a request for more information, TaskRabbit sent TechCrunch a statement that said active tasks will be rescheduled and taskers compensated for lost work. It also updated its landing page with a FAQ for users and taskers who unable to complete assignments today while the app is down:


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