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Tencent reigns gaming industry's 1H'18 earnings – TweakTown

Chinese juggernaut Tencent towers above industry competitors with 2018 revenues, and Apple slides ahead of Microsoft.




So far total games revenue growth from the top 10 earners has been quite small compared to previous years (about 12.3% growth versus nearly 30% from last year). According to findings from analyst firm NewZoo, industry earnings for the first half of 2018 are seeing interesting fluctuations. While Tencent reigns supreme with $10.2 billion, mobile gaming’s muted rise was offset by stellar console gaming performance. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all saw strong 20% spikes in revenue earnings, and accounted for about 21.% of total top 10 industry earnings for the period.


“Together, the three companies accounted for $10.8 billion in console revenues. Digital revenues, which include subscriptions to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live, were an important growth driver,” the firm said in its latest report. “Nintendo’s efforts to grow its digital revenues are slowly but surely bringing results, representing 24% of its half-year revenues.”


Here’s a quick breakdown of the top 10 earners in 1H’18 by game revenues:


  1. Tencent – 10.2 Bn
  2. Sony – $6.18 Bn
  3. Apple – $4.4 Bn
  4. Microsoft – $4.2 Bn
  5. Activision-Blizzard – $3.4 Bn
  6. NetEase – $2.8Bn
  7. Google – $2.8Bn
  8. EA – $2.75 Bn
  9. Nintendo – $1.5 B
  10. Bandai Namco – $1.4 Bn

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