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Sony recently revealed its ever-so-slight box art redesign for its PlayStation 5 titles, using Spider-Man: Miles Morales to show off the new white border that will accompany each retail box. Microsoft hasn’t announced anything as radically different for their next-gen games, but you’ll know you’re looking at one when you see one big, obnoxious sticker.

“Optimized for Xbox Series X” is a way for Microsoft to communicate that a game is supported on both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, but that it also includes enhancements for its next-generation console. Problem is that the sticker takes up so much real estate on the actual box that it comes off as more annoying than anything, obscuring whatever eye-catching design the game’s developer was aiming for.

Combine that with text near the top indicating resolution support, features such as HDR, and advertising for Smart Delivery, and you’ve got a very busy-looking box art template. The only other difference between generations is the removal of “One” from the top border, since Microsoft is pushing the idea of a single unified Xbox ecosystem.

Dirt 5 Box Art
Dirt 5 Box Art

It’s a small, near meaningless difference that you might never notice, especially if you’ve already made the jump to an all-digital games library. And with Sony announcing an all-digital PS5 and Capcom recently revealing that 80% of its sales are digital too, Microsoft’s big, ugly sticker might fade into the past faster than you expect.

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