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The PC Classic is a retro console that runs, er, DOS games – The INQUIRER

The PC Classic is a retro console that runs, er, DOS games

The PC Classic is the retro remake you never asked for

EVERYONE SEEMS TO LOVE A RETO REMAKE; we’ve seen the OG PlayStation get a modern rejig, along with Nintendo’s SNES and NES consoles, and now classic DOS games are set to be packaged in a dinky beige PC box.

Dubbed the PC Classic and created by Unit-E (no us neither) thanks to the magic of crowdfunding, the palm-sized PC box will allow buyers to play DOS games on their TVs.

Given it isn’t hard to find DOS emulators and software for modern PCs, you might wonder why anyone would want the PC Classic, or you may even think it’s a premature April Fool’s joke.

But Unit-E has apparently gone to the bother of licensing some 30 pre-installed games the PC box comes with, such as the original Doom, from the games’ publishers. So if nothing else, it avoids the somewhat legally grey area of using emulators.

And according to Unit-E’s FAQ page, the PC Classic’s DOS game library has scope to be expanded further with more games planned to be available for separate purchase, though what titles they will be has yet to be seen – and Unit-E hasn’t even yet listed the games the PC Classic will come with initially.

“We don’t have a list of confirmed titles yet, but the goal is to provide all of the games that defined the PC gaming experience of the 80s and 90s,” Unit-E said.

One could also argue that there’s a rather heavy done of nostalgia draped over the PC Classic for anyone who owned a beige desktop machine in the 90s or early 2000s.

Pricing has yet to be firmed up, but it looks likely it’s set around the $99 mark, some £76, so it won’t exactly be the cheapest way to play DOS games. But then again, nostalgia is a powerful drug and can overcome some PC fans’ sensibilities if they’re of a certain age and stage in life. µ

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