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Ultimate Ears is no stranger to the wireless audio market. On top of developing the best portable speakers (everyone should own a set of Wonderboom speakers), they’ve also released some of the most advanced earbuds available. In fact, some even come with their own at-home Fit Kit to capture your earprint and fit to size. Pushing the envelope once again, UE just launched its first-ever true wireless model, and it’s quite the doozy. Introducing the UE Fits, wireless earbuds that self-mold to your ears for a tailored fit. 

Sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick, right? Well, these buds are real. The Fits use bright purple LEDs to heat up the accompanying gel tips and harden them once molded to your ear shape. While this feature garners top billing, the steady battery life and lively sound these buds produce deserve attention as well. The same goes for the Fits’ drawbacks, in particular, the buggy and confined control scheme and lack of extras.

UE Fits: Availability and price

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