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Why wacky kitchen gadgets are all the rage, according to a gourmet chef – CBC.ca

Are you tired of trying to chop up your veggies with a pesky knife? Or fed up with all the food that gets stuck to the bottom of your frying pan?

The odds are, there’s a gadget or appliance that can solve all of your kitchen needs — but wait, there’s more!

According to barbecue champion and gadget vendor Angie Qualle, its easy to get dazzled by the latest cookware ad. In fact, people have been falling for them for years.

“It’s all about convenience — everybody wants things to be easier and faster,” she told host Gloria Macarenko on CBC’s BC Almanac. “There’s lots of creative and fun ways to save a little bit of time in the kitchen, and I think people are always up for trying something new.”

But the renowned barbecue champion says you don’t need a Slap Chop or a Veg-O-Matic to make your life easier (in fact, sometimes they just make it harder).

Useful tools

Ai & Om Knives

A sharpened kitchen knife is the most versatile tool in the kitchen, according to Qualle. (CBC)

The most useful ones are the tried and true basics.

“I take great pleasure in cooking. A knife is probably my go-to gadget in the kitchen — I use it for just about everything,” said Qualle.

A good cook can never go wrong with a sharpened knife, a high-heat spatula, and a good set of tongs, says Qualle. But she admits it’s easy to get caught up in ‘the gadgets,’ especially when they throw in so many extra toys, absolutely free.

Quiz: name those gadgets

Vince Offer

Iconic ‘Slap Chop’ salesman Vince Offer was arrested after an altercation with a 26-year-old sex trade worker. (therealvinceoffer/YouTube)

There are thousands of gadgets and appliances that only serve one purpose, and spend the majority of their life cycle at the back of a cupboard or the bottom of the drawer, rarely seeing the light of day. We’ve compiled a list below — can you name them all? (Note: answers are in each photo caption)

S'Mores Maker

The strategically titled Progressive International GMMC-68 Microwavable S’Mores Maker will cook up to two smores in 30 seconds in your microwave. (Amazon)

Pickle Picker

Pick a pickle with ease using the Pickle Picker (try saying that five times in a row). (Amazon)

Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors

The aptly named Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors makes slicing pizza a breeze. (Amazon)

Roll n' Pour

The Roll n’ Pour is a rocking chair for all bottled beverages. (RollNPour)

Yellow Submarine Butter Spreader

The Yellow Submarine Butter Spreader was made for every corn-on-the-cob-loving Beatles fan. (Monkey Business)

With files from CBC’s BC Almanac

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