Among the other privacy-related tweaks in Android 12 is a new toast notification that will pop up when an app pulls content from your clipboard, that way you’re aware when it happens. This might sound superfluous, but think back: When was the last time you copied a password or someone’s phone number?


The new toast notification is live in Android 12 Beta 2, and the way it works is pretty straightforward, simply stating the name of the app and the fact that it has “pasted” from your clipboard. as with all toast messages, this fades in then fades out after a few seconds, but it’s immediately noticeable.

The feature is controlled by a new setting in Settings -> Privacy -> Advanced on Pixels, with a new “Show clipboard access” toggle. It’s enabled by default on Beta 2, but you can disable it to disable the toast messages, if you like.

This mirrors a change Apple added with iOS 14 in 2020 which similarly states when an app has accessed your clipboard with a slide-down notification.

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