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Battlegrounds Mobile India has already crossed 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store within two days of the beta release.

June 20, 2021 / 09:50 AM IST

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date is expected to be announced soon. Krafton, developers of PUBG Mobile, has released the Battlegrounds Mobile India early access version for pre-registered players. Before downloading the game from the Google Play Store, players need to know the penalty criteria laid down by Krafton for those who do not follow the community policy or rules of conduct.

Krafton’s official website for Battlegrounds Mobile India states that these rules and policies have been placed in order to protect the gaming environment. Those who fail to comply will get their accounts restricted or permanently banned.

Penalty Criteria for Misconduct Maximum Penalty Period
Use, develop, advertise, trade or distribute Unauthorised Programs or Hardware Devices Permanent Ban
Investigate the use of Unauthorized Programs or Hardware Devices 3 Days Ban
Modification of Game Client, Servers and Game Data (packet, etc.) Permanent Ban
Exploiting Bugs and Glitches Permanent Ban
Discriminatory Act (e.g. racial and sexual discrimination) Permanent Ban
Inappropriate use of language (e.g. profanity or other offensive languages) 30 Days Ban
Usage of Inappropriate Nicknames and Clan names 90 Days Ban (nickname and clan name will be changed without your consent)
Teamkilling Permanent Ban
Teaming Permanent Ban
Gameplay Interference 30 Days Ban
Stalking Permanent Ban
Publishing Personal Information Permanent Ban
Abusing (e.g. manipulating match results, etc) Permanent Ban
Usage of Another User’s Account / Restrict the Usage of Account (for protecting the Account) Permanent Ban
Abusive Use of AFK (Away From Keyboard or idling) Permanent Ban
Disturbing Business Operations (e.g. spread false information, abuse customer service platform, impersonate oneself as an employee, create and spread rumours or conduct any other acts) Permanent Ban
Abnormal Gameplay Permanent Ban
Inappropriate Advertisement (e.g. commercial without authorization, abusive, etc.) Permanent ban
Inappropriate Use of Profile Photo (Inappropriate text or images in the profile photo, use of someone else’s photo, etc.) 90-day ban
Abnormal Payment and Subscription Permanent ban
Abuse of Open market store Policies and Processes Permanent ban
Trade/Sell Accounts Permanent ban

The game has already crossed 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store within two days of the beta release. Krafton made Battlegrounds Mobile India available for early access download on June 17. There is no word on the early access of the game for iPhone users at the time of writing this. We can expect more details on the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS app very soon. The developers are rewarding players for helping them reach the milestone. Players can check the in-game mail to claim the Battlegrounds Mobile India rewards. Users are currently getting the Classic Crate Coupon as a reward for 5 million downloads. After hitting 10 million downloads, players will get a Constable Set. 

Krafton has also announced that you can transfer your data from PUBG Mobile over to the new game and then continue playing. The data will be stored securely with Krafton on its servers in Singapore. The early impressions suggest that aren’t many changes in the new game and the ones that have been made are cosmetic like green blood and fully clothed characters. 


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