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XD Inc. brings the beloved indie roguelike game Wizard of Legend to mobile devices with the help of developer Contigent99 and publisher Humble Games.

The magic of the beloved indie roguelike game Wizard of Legend will soon be coming to mobile devices.

Mobile games developer and distributor XD Inc. announced its partnership with the teams behind the PC and console game Wizard of Legend to bring the fast-paced dungeon crawler to mobile devices. The new edition of the game will overhaul the game’s UI, control scheme and multiplayer system to optimize the experience for mobile devices. A new trailer from Wizard shows off the mobile game’s reworked visuals, gameplay and UI, but a release date for the new edition has yet to be announced.

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Wizard of Legend, originally developed by Contigent99 and launched via Humble Bundle in 2018, pits players against the Chaos Trials, a series of procedurally-generated dungeons crawling with fantastical foes. Taking on the role of a fledgling wizard, players must scavenge loot, equip gear and master a myriad of magic spells to conquer the dungeon and become the titular “Wizard of Legend.” The game has been lauded by its player community for its gorgeous pixel art, intricate character customization and dynamic spellcasting system.

In addition to the original game and previously-released content, the mobile game will include a brand new UI that feels native for handheld devices, along with a reworked control scheme that will allow players to perform more elaborate maneuvers using their touchscreens. The mobile version will also feature LAN multiplayer, which will allow players on the same Wi-Fi network to either join forces in co-op against the Chaos Trials or compete against each other in a PvP mode. It is unclear whether or not the mobile version will include online multiplayer at launch.

XD Inc., which developed Wizard‘s mobile edition, will oversee the game’s distribution in China, while Humble Games will oversee the distribution everywhere else. While some mobile games are free, such as the early build of the new XCOM Legends, XD has not announced how much the mobile version of Wizard of Legend will cost.

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Originally funded as a Kickstarter project in 2016, Wizard of Legend was primarily developed by lifelong friends Bundy Kim and Dahoon Lee. The duo combined their engineering experience and love of games to form Contigent99 in 2014, with Wizard of Legend as the developer’s debut project. While many roguelikes can falter due to their punishing difficulty, Wizard of Legend gradually cultivated a dedicated fan following that demonstrates indie roguelike titles can still thrive.

Originally developed by Contigent99 and published by Humble Games, Wizard of Legend is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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