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As an Android user you may eventually run into issues with your device that you may think are unsolvable, but on the contrary, iMobie’s DroidKit tool can help. Maybe you don’t think the problems are unsolvable but you do think that you’ll have to use several different tools to fix the issues you have.

iMobie’s DroidKit can actually solve several different issues and perform numerous tasks. Compiling a multitude of uses that would normally be found in a few different programs into one single tool that takes care of everything.

Whether you need something for Android Data Recovery, to extract data from things like Google Backup, unlock the screen, or fix system issues, iMobie’s DroidKit is your one-stop-shop solution to do it all.
This makes it convenient and fairly useful. And of course time-saving, as you don’t have to mess around with more than one program.

In fact, it can provide users with seven different features in all. This includes, recovering lost data, extracting needed data, fixing system issues, removing any type of screen lock, bypassing FRP locks, reinstalling or upgrading your system OS, and cleaning junk. Let’s take a closer look at each feature below.

iMobie’s DroidKit – The World’s First Solution for Android users to fix numerous issues all in one place

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While DroidKit can be an extremely useful tool to Android users, it’s only useful if users know what it can offer them. Below you can find a more in-depth summary of each feature. Showcasing how it can be a functional tool for just about any situation you may come up with for your device.

Recovering Lost Data

While you hopefully never have to come across this situation, in the event that you do you’ll want to be prepared to handle it. With DroidKit, if you happen to accidentally delete something, or delete something and then change your mind and want it back, you’d need a solution to recover the data that was lost.

Maybe your device went through a factory reset to fix another issue entirely but that resulted in the lost data. Either way, you would need a recovery tool at this point. And this is where DroidKit comes in.

There are two modes for recovering data. Quick Recovery Mode and Deep Recovery Mode. Each one serves a distinct purpose. Quick Recovery Mode, as the name implies, will let you recover data more quickly as it only takes a single click, but it may not scan absolutely everything which means it may not recover everything.

Deep Recovery Mode is a more thorough recovery option, but it does require you to root your device first. There’s also technically a third and fourth recovery mode, which includes recovering only WhatsApp data, and recovering data from an SD card. If your device supports one.

As for all the things you can recover, you can recover data from pictures, videos, APK files, audio, LINE attachments, messages, WhatsApp attachments, contacts, call logs, calendar information, documents, books, and ZIP files.

Extract Needed Data

If your device doesn’t have any lost data, and you’re simply trying to prevent losing it, then you’ll want to make sure to back it up. To do that though you need to extract the data from your device.

This is what this particular feature is for. Grabbing the data from your device and extracting it to an external storage solution so you have a backup of it outside of your device.

If you need to extract data from your device, DroidKit will extract all the same types of files that it can recover if that data was lost. It can also help you extract data from your Google account, with seven different types of data being supported. Including WhatsApp, messages, call logs, WiFi, photos, contacts, and calendar.

Lastly you can also extract data from a SIM card if you need that information for any reason. This information isn’t always easy to pull, so DroidKit helps quite a lot here.

Remove Screen Locks

DroidKit 9

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another. You locked yourself out of your device by forgetting your PIN or password and entering in the wrong information too many times. Maybe it’s an old phone you had to go back to using and you forgot because you haven’t used it in a while.

Whatever the reason, the screen is now locked and you need to remove it. DroidKit can help with that too. It can remove any type of screen lock including PINs, passwords, fingerprints, facial recognition, digital numbers and more. And it supports all Android devices from major brands like Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others.

Keep in mind that unlocking the screen will erase data on your device. So before you unlock the screen you will want to back up the device data first. Otherwise you will lose it during this process.

Bypass FRP Lock

DroidKit 10

This one only works with Samsung devices. So that’s important to note right away. If you have a Samsung device, this will let you bypass any type of Google FRP lock and reset it. It works with any version of Android so there’s no worry about your device running older or newer software.

It also supports all Samsung series smartphones and tablets. This is another function that will erase the data on your device. So once again you need to make sure to back up any data you want before proceeding with removing the FRP locks.

Fix System Issues

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Android devices can run into all kinds of problems and if that happens, you may not know what to do. Whether your screen goes black, the device won’t charge, your device is stuck in a boot loop, you keep getting error reports, and even if your device freezes on a particular screen, DroidKit claims it can fix the issue.

It also lists the ability to fix more serious issues like system crashes and viruses. Now, this is another feature that will only work with Samsung devices, unfortunately. But the good news is that this is only a “for now” thing, as the makers of DroidKit state that they’re working on adding support for other device brands.

Reinstall Or Upgrade Your Device OS

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Sometimes if your device is having a problem the solution might be to either reinstall the operating system software or to upgrade it. Usually you could do this by downloading the update over the air. But perhaps the problem your device is having is preventing you from doing that.

With DroidKit you can easily reinstall or upgrade the OS with just a few clicks. This can help fix a number of different things, not the least of which is serious issues like system crashes or black screens. But it can also help fix things like device slowdowns, abnormal system errors, stuck devices, and more.

This is another feature that currently only supports Samsung devices. However, more device support is being worked on. This feature won’t erase system data, but you should still make a backup of anything just in case. This is also never a bad practice to have.

Clean System Junk

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The last feature of this tool is the ability to clean your device of any unwanted system junk. Duplicate files, cached data you don’t really need to keep stored, etc. There are apps you can install onto the device that tend to do this for you if you want.

But then again if you could easily install that app and use it you probably wouldn’t be using this software. So this is a way to get the function of those apps when you may not be able to use the device properly.

There are four types of system junk that DroidKit can remove for you. This includes large files, cached files, APK files, and running applications. This feature will support all mainstream Android device manufacturers and various system versions.

You can also view the system junk before everything is removed, letting you have some control over what gets removed and what stays. As you can unselect anything you might want to be left alone. Once you’re ready to clean the junk you don’t want, you’re one click away from having it gone for good.

Whatever the issue, iMobie’s DroidKit has your back

As you can see, DroidKit is more than equipped to handle a multitude of problems with Android devices that need a solution. And it does it all fairly effortlessly and in many cases with just a single click.

If you’ve had these issues before and you want to ensure that you aren’t left in the lurch should they ever come up again, make sure to check out DroidKit.

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