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A Guinness world record for the most consecutive formations by a single group of drones has been set as part of a promotional campaign for energy company E.ON SE.

The record was set by Nocturne Drone Shows, Jens Hillenkötter and E.ON SE at an event in which 150 drones flew in 13 dynamic and statics formations over the Berlin Olympic Park. The previous record was 12 formations.

The show was put on to support E.ON SE’s “Networks of Tomorrow” campaign, launched together with its nine German regional companies, which is designed to demonstrate the need for intelligent, digital energy networks to support a sustainable energy future.

Complementing the drone manoeuvres was a 30-meter diameter circle of light produced by 24 GLP Fusion Exo Beams in alternation with other beam fixtures, which marked the take-off and landing point of all drones. The compact beamlights made their greatest impact during take-off and the perfectly choreographed multi-stage landing of the drones.

Nocturne Drone Shows were responsible for the drone show itself, while Technology Arts handled the overall production. The Berlin office of the ressourcenmangel agency was in charge of the strategic concept, creation and campaign management.

Photos credit: Ralph Larmann

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